Anthony Robbins - Special Collection

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Anthony Robbins - Special Collection digital download.
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Anthony Robbins - Special Collection

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Anthony Robbins - Special Collection

Anthony Robbins - Special Collection

Power to influence The sales Mastery Course

There are 21 Video DVD’s featuring Anthony Robbins Power to Influence Video Program. These DVD’s were used to facilitate Tony’s Sales Mastery Course that was taught years ago by Tony and other facilitators that he had trained and worked with.

The DVD Video titles that are included in the program are as follows:

Video #1: Commitment to Excellence (55:00 minutes)

Video #2: Science of Persuasion (40:38 minutes)

Video #3: Tools of Persuasion (39:24 Minutes)

Video #4: The Six Secrets of Creating Inner Pressure to Buy (1:14:08 minutes)

Video #5: Compelling Reasons: How to Unleash your Power (31:50 minutes)

Video #6: The Unlimited Power of Belief (44:48 minutes)

Video #7: The Difference Between Success and Failure (54:06 minutes)

Video #8: Prepare - Part One (45:38 minutes)

Video #9: Turn On! (23:00 minutes)

Video #10: Prepare - Part Two (23:33 minutes)

Video #11: Telephone Power (38:33 minutes)

Video #12: Connect and Become Their Best Friend (1:22:30 minutes)

Video #13: Create Interest (16:00 minutes)

Video #14: Questions to Qualify - NWWAM (13:44 minutes)

Video #15: Values - The Ultimate Motivators (54:40 minutes)

Video #16: The Power of Psychic Wounds (46:19 minutes)

Video #17: Discovering the Customer’s Buying Strategy (1:02:01 minutes)

Video #18: Create Conviction and Test Close (1:12:08 minutes)

Video #19: Make it Real and Assume the Sale (34:32 minutes)

Video #20: Convert objections into Commitments (1:00:14 minutes)

Video #21: Make it East & Create a Future (45:00 minutes)

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