Captain Jack - The Master Strategies Monthly Teleconferences (Full #1-8)

Captain Jack - The Master Strategies Monthly Teleconferences (Full #1-8) digital download. Info: [2 WAV] | 390.76 MB. Would you like to hear more of my ...

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Captain Jack - The Master Strategies Monthly Teleconferences (Full #1-8)

Type: Digital download

Format: [2 WAV]

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The Master Strategies Monthly Teleconferences #1- #6

Would you like to hear more of my thoughts and ideas on Game? There is only so much I can do in writing. Especially in a blog because it is difficult to really flesh out, develop and expound ideas in such a small space. But, with an hour of talking or 8-12 pages of writing I could do A LOT.

Here’s the plan… I am going to do a monthly conference call. Each call will last 90 minutes. The first sixty of those minutes will be me discussing, dissecting and really fleshing out how you can make this whole Gaming thing easier, funner and more effective. It’s pretty safe to say that no one has the same perspective and ideas about this stuff as I do.

Captain Jack - The Master Strategies Monthly Teleconferences #7

* An in-depth explanation of the ‘Value of Non-Terminating frames’ and really break it down so you UNDERSTAND and can better execute it in field.

* An explanation of what a woman is REALLY trying to do by getting all made up and why even though she REALLY wants sex she doesn’t just grab any ol’ horny guy in the bar (it’s NOT because she’s not attracted to him)…

* An identification of the source of 95% of every PUAs problems which, once solved, puts him in the upper regions of Game… then, I give you a few ways to start solving that problem in the next few weeks!

* A head’s up on a common mistake I see PUAs mistake that is guaranteed to set them up for a future slump (or keep them from getting to intermediate level) and how to get around it easily.

Captain Jack - The Master Strategies Monthly Teleconferences #8

Yo, Here is the next installment of Master Strategies!

Have you ever wondered why some guys are more willing to approach a 7 versus a 9?

I've wondered it because I noticed it in myself. There I was bopping around the mall having extroverted myself out of a pretty deep malaise when I spotted two women working behind the counter at the mall: One of them I'd consider a 9... the other a 7. I noticed something else, too... My desire to OPEN the 7 was stronger than my desire to open the 9!?! My physical/sexual desire FOR the 9 was much, much higher... yet, the feeling of actually opening was higher for the 7. (I'd noticed this before but this was so much more succinct and delineated because of the split second difference in awareness of the two so I could examine the diff in desire to actually open much closer in time).Why would this be?!Wouldn't it be more useful and make more sense to have a much higher compulsion to open the 9 versus the 7? Shouldn't physical/sexual desire make you MORE compelled to actually open?

Due to the compulsion the actual probability to open the 7 versus the 9 was much higher. I would be more likely to open the 7 than the 9. I've noticed this a LOT in other puas as well. There are 9s all over the place... they are covering the 7s like white on rice

.I've even seen another phenomena... the guys actually INCREASING their sexual desire for the women they are most compelled to open. The intersection is often called, "Their type. "The very next day while I was still puzzling with this phenomena internally a friend of mine went ape shit over some girl. I thought

she was about a 5, maybe 6 if I'm being generous... He swore up and down she was a 9. Nornally, I'd just think it was his 'type.' But, now I was thinking something different.

Did he modify his sexual desire because his compulsion to open her was higher? Perhaps, but that didn't completely solve the puzzle. Desire to actually open might also be related to something else: Belief that you can actually get her.

Now it REALLY started making sense. Well, that event led me to find a technique to gain mastery over the compulsion/feeling of opening. It is the subject of Master Strategies #8. After listening to it I want you to add a 'Scale' to the technique with 'Actually Have' at the positive side and 'Not Actually Have' at the bottom. (You'll know what I mean AFTER you've listened to it.) and a 'Scale' of 'Approach Enthusiasm' to 'Approach Anxiety'