Chris Winters - F.A.M. Facebook Agency Machine

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Chris Winters - F.A.M. Facebook Agency Machine digital download.
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Chris Winters - F.A.M. Facebook Agency Machine

Type: Digital download

Chris Winters - F.A.M. Facebook Agency Machine

Chris Winters - F.A.M. Facebook Agency Machine

Help You Select A Profitable Niche

  • Not every offline niche works for FB™ ads.
  • Don’t make the mistake of selecting the WRONG niche.
  • We will give you a list of niches to select from and/or you can bring niche ideas to use for approval.
  • Start knowing that your selected niche will work for your new FB™ Agency.

We Will Help You Create Your Clients FB™ Funnel

  • Copy & paste our proven FB™ Click Funnels formats
  • We will review your funnel before you go live.
  • Review your funnel after it goes live to assist with optimizing.
  • NEVER be alone.Myself and Aby will always be there to assist you.

Let Us Help You Copy Our Proven Local FB™ Ads Strategy

  • Copy our proven local FB™ ad strategy specifically for your chosen niche.
  • We teach you how to select right FB™ audiences specifically for your niche.
  • Write winning FB™ ad copy even if you are not a copywriter.
  • We will review your FB™ ads before they go live.
  • Learn how to set up a successful FB™ retargeting campaign for your client for extra low cost leads.

Learn How To Select The Right Clients Within Your Niche

  • Selecting a niche that works for FB™ ads is only part of the challenge.
  • Avoid working with wrong clients in the right niche.
  • Give you step-by-step how to select the right clients the first time.
  • 95% of new and experienced marketers make the mistake of working with wrong clients.

Learn Our Specific Facebook™ Agency Client Prospecting Technique To Get Your First Client FAST.    PLUS we include a complete agency website see 4 bonuses below.

  • Specifically designed to attract your first client FAST for your new FB agency.
  • Learn our proven personalized video teamplate that converts prospects into clients.
  • We’ll teach you how to get these personalized videos (specific to each business owner) in their email box.
  • You will be able to track how many times they watched the video that was made specifically for them.

You Are NEVER Alone…

  • Get high end personalized FB™ agency coaching at a discount
  • Post any challenges in private FB™ group we’ll guide you through it, technical, business strategy, no question will go unanswered
  • Review your client’s FB™ funnel offer before it goes live.
  • Review live fb campaigns to help you optiimized for lowest cost per lead.
  • Similar FB Agency coaching would costs $4,997, $9,997, and even more…

Why Would We Offer $3,997+ Coaching For Such A Discount?

  • Simple we are seeking success stories so in the future we can offer same training for 5-10K.
  • Therefore we MUST have actions takers.
  • If you plan on doing no work and will not leverage this amazing coaching opportunity then PLEASE do NOT join!
  • Success is built on failures and frustrations if you truely understand this then you might be good fit for this program.

Do NOT get this program if you are not willing take massive action!

  • We are seeking success stories so in the future we can offer same training it’s true value (5k+)
  • Therefore we MUST have actions takers that clearly embrace the concept that success is build upon failure and frustration.
  • If you plan on doing no work and will not leverage this amazing coaching opportunity then PLEASE do NOT join!
  • Starting a NEW FB™ digital agency requires lots of problem solving and initial failures before reaching profitability.

First day of FB™ training will start April 8th

  • Class starts Every Monday and will be posted in the training area.
  • This is a 6 week training where the content wlll be delivered each Monday via the members area.
  • Get in early bird training and recevied special attention of high end coaching course for the price of do it alone training.

Bonus #1. Get my exact agency website template.

Chris Winters - F.A.M. Facebook Agency Machine
  • Easily duplicate my site; copy word-for-word and just add: your name, niche, and your photo.
  • Never made a site before? Complete newbie? No problems. Step-by-step how-to videos designed for complete beginners PLUS we are here to assist you.
  • How to easily take professional qualify photos of yourself using your phone camera.

Bonus #2. Copy my exact website auto video that pre-sells and pre-qualifies business owners

  • Download presentation from Google docs (easy) and get a video copy of my presentation.
  • Copy word for word, just change the niche, name. (super easy)
  • Step-by-step how-to recording using free screen recording programs and your computer mic.
  • 100% automated video sales machine that pre-sells & pre-qualifies prospects.
  • NOTE: You NEVER have to get behind the camera!!! Record slides and your voice.

Bonus #3. Get my exact online questionnaire that further pre-sells and pre-qualify potential clients.

Chris Winters - F.A.M. Facebook Agency Machine
  • Copy word-for-word my proven application questions
  • Pre-qualifies prospects so you only work with the BEST clients.
  • 100% automated process.
  • Prospects will find themselves wanting and hoping they can qualify to work with you.

Bonus #4. Copy my exact online scheduler for prospect interviews.

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Chris Winters - F.A.M. Facebook Agency Machine