Christelyn Karazin - Pink Pill Personal Style & Etiquette Coaching

Christelyn Karazin - Pink Pill Personal Style & Etiquette Coaching digital download.

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Christelyn Karazin - Pink Pill Personal Style & Etiquette Coaching

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Christelyn Karazin - Pink Pill Personal Style & Etiquette Coaching

Christelyn Karazin - Pink Pill Personal Style & Etiquette Coaching

Upgrade your persona style, grace and presentation

Get a THREE SESSIONS, complete with a personal package to help refine your online and offline presentation, improve networking skills, and increase your social capital.

  • Complete 360-degree assessment
  • Goal refinement and road map
  • Confidence and personal brand building
  • Identifying personal style, style and fashion consulting custom made to “style personality” and body type
  • Create a custom look book, including recommended accessories according to “style personality” and body type
  • Makeup, style and grooming
  • Color analysis, wardrobe de-cluttering, and custom-made fashion shopping guide
  • Private etiquette and protocol consulting and coaching
  • Advanced communication and social skills coaching
  • Limit 4 per month
Christelyn Karazin - Pink Pill Personal Style & Etiquette Coaching

I recently had a one to one Image coaching session with Christelyn Karazin. And I wasn’t ready for what I received.

I’m a 34-year-old woman and have always struggled with my body type. I’m an inverted triangle meaning I have wide shoulders and narrow hips I am also tall. I have never been confident in the way I looked it has greatly impacted my confidence. And having a baby made my body confidence even lower. Nothing seemed to look good on me at all, I would see an influencer on YouTube or Instagram looking amazing wearing the latest trends. I would then purchase the clothes, but when I would put them on I would look like a line-backer with pencil-thin legs, not a good look. I also could never figure out my skin undertones and looking at my vines never helped.

I have been following Christelyn for a while now and I noticed that she always looked put together, effortless and elegant, so when I found out she was doing a special offer on Image Coaching I jumped at the chance to pick her brain.

When I booked I received a few easy to follow yet very detailed documents on how I view my personal style and my current measurements. I enjoyed filling these out as it made me aware of how I and others may view me.

Prior to the session, the interaction with Christelyn was very professional and she always got back to me via email swiftly.

Now the coaching itself was nothing short but amazing. Christelyn was warm and charming and wanted my input throughout. Not only did she tell me honestly what clothes I should and shouldn’t be wearing. She provided a detailed analysis of my color story. This is something I had been struggling with forever. I feel like I always looked dull and lifeless like I blend into the background like wallpaper. She went through styling options, makeup options types of materials that would stand the test of time. All put together in a personalized streamlined presentation. Along with some beauty and skincare tips and tricks.

What I was really impressed with is how she was able to create style options so effortlessness that was in my head but was often hard for me to articulate. I was actually overwhelmed and overjoyed as I could see myself wearing everything she had suggested. I could tell the options she provided had been thought about with care.

This was nothing like looking up options for your body type online it’s much more. It’s personalized and tailored just for you. I would have never thought I would be brought to tears over different selections of blazers. For the price of this session, you get more than enough value and for what I received I would have paid double.

- Andrea W., Pink Pill Image consulting client

Thank you very much, I appreciate all the effort you put into the coaching sessions.
The sessions were highly interactive, enlightening and fun.
You created a calm and relaxing coaching ambiance and in-spite of being an introvert, I instantly connected with you.
From the coaching sessions, I have learnt more about connecting and interacting with people, looking my best, and breaking out of my comfort zone.
An amazing transformation has begun already.
I now have a positive outlook to navigating social circles, as an elegant and more refined feminine version of myself.
I would definitely love to continue with the coaching sessions.
Thank you so much.

-Seun, Pink Pill Image consulting client

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Christelyn Karazin - Pink Pill Personal Style & Etiquette Coaching

Christelyn Karazin

Christelyn Karazin is a certified style coach and etiquette and protocol consultant. She is also the co-author of Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture and Creed. She is the official ambassador for, and runs a blog and YouTube channel centered around black women in interracial relationships.

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