Christelyn Karazin - The Pink Pill for Business

Christelyn Karazin - The Pink Pill for Business digital download.

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Christelyn Karazin - The Pink Pill for Business

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Christelyn Karazin - The Pink Pill for Business

Christelyn Karazin - The Pink Pill for Business

The Pink Pill for Business Featured on ABC News

I’m Christelyn Karazin. The most perfectly imperfect coach you could meet. I’ve never let a little failure make me quit. I’m the Engerizer Bunny’s cousin!! Despite my false starts and losses, disappointments and challenges, I managed to land a book deal with Simon & Schuster and get it optioned for a movie. My work as an advocate for black women has landed me on CNN, Cosmopolitan, ESSENCE, the New York Post, and countless other publications. That work has also gotten me cited in academia, and there’s even a course taught at Emory University based in part on my work. I launched my first online course for black women in 2018 with more than a quarter million in sales and massive five-star reviews. I’ve coached others and they’ve gone on to become stunningly successful. In a world where everyone is pretending to be something like perfection, I’m proof that you don’t have to be perfect to win! I’m proof that the level up never stops until you do.

So if you’re ready to take this imperfect woman’s PERFECT ADVICE, based on hard work, falling down and getting back up and dusting herself off, keep reading.

Christelyn Karazin - The Pink Pill for Business
Six months ago, I was offered an Assistant Director role at a prestigious, all-girls, academic institution. While I was confident in my technical knowledge, and people skills, I knew that I would benefit from a course in some of the soft skills including business etiquette, formal dining etiquette, navigating challenging people in the workplace, and business networking. My new role requires frequent communication with key stakeholders in the community, and I wanted to feel prepared.
Thanks to The Pink Pill for Business, I feel confident in my role, particularly as the only Black woman in my department, and am thriving in a community that is 85% female.
Lastly, as a small business owner, The Pink Pill for Business has also encouraged me to know my value, and reflect that in my pricing :). Thanks Christelyn. Pinkies Up!

- Jo, Pink Pill for Business enrollee

Patti Stanger is the star of Millionaire Matchmaker.

Christelyn Karazin - The Pink Pill for Business

Course Curriculum

The Pink Pill for Business
The Pink Pill for Business

Introduction: It’s All a Game. Know the Players. (4:17)

Master First Impressions (27:58)

Keys to Confidence (10:21)

Never Be Fooled Again: Know Your Worth and Make Others Know Too Featuring Precious Williams (56:41)

Networking Success (28:12)

Wield Your Femininity Through Style (24:50)

Know Thyself: Harness the Power of Your Personality featuring Kathy Knox (54:41)

Understanding Gender Dynamics: Featuring Best-Selling Author and CEO, Tammy Hughes (62:50)

How to Work With Women (10:55)

Working with Men (13:00)

The Million-Dollar Meal (22:55)

Become a Master Communicator and Exquisite Listener (55:35)

Captivate with Your Voice: Lecture by Vocal Coach, Sloane Reali (72:56)

Secure Your Position (68:08)