Cris Chico - Flipanywhere Academy Mentoring Program 2021

Cris Chico - Flipanywhere Academy Mentoring Program 2021 digital download.

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Cris Chico - Flipanywhere Academy Mentoring Program 2021

Type: Digital download

Cris Chico - Flipanywhere Academy Mentoring Program 2021

Cris Chico - Flipanywhere Academy Mentoring Program 2021

Introducing The Flipanywhere Mini Mentoring Program

We Will Help You Build Your Very Own Nationwide Finder Business Using Online Ads!

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you join the Flipanywhere Mentoring “Done-For-You” Program

Included are the following bonuses…

  • Included: ​Flipanywhere Academy Membership ($1497 Value)
  • ​Bonus #1: Instant Credibility Images ($497 Value)
  • ​Bonus #2: Best Performing Ads ($1,000 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: Million Dollar Images ($1,000 Value)
  • ​Bonus #4: Cash Buyer Magnet Ads ($500 Value)
  • ​Bonus #5: Crush Any Objections Course ($297 Value)
  • ​Bonus #6: Find Motivated Sellers Online Group ($1,164 Value)
  • ​Bonus #7: Flipanywhere Academy Online Group ($1,164 Value)
  • ​Bonus #8: Google Ads (PPC) For Virtual Wholesaling Course ($997 Value)
  • ​Bonus #9: 1-Year Of Unlimited Support & Upgrades ($997 Value)
  • ​SUPER BONUS #1: Six Weeks Of Live Group Coaching ($1,994 Value)
  • ​SUPER BONUS #2: Cris Chico Mentoring ($3,000 Value)

Total Value Of EVERYTHING is $14,107

Here’s what’s inside of the Flipanywhere Academy Membership You’ll Get Access To

  • EVERYTHING you need start and grow a Nationwide “Virtual” real estate wholesaling business (NO upsells or anything else to buy)
  • ​My complete Find Motivated Sellers Online system for getting started with Facebook and Instagram ads as a real estate investor (you’ll have access to the same system my successful students are using)
  • ​Detailed “Step By Step” checklists that will ensure you’ll be up and running FAST (even if you’re not a techie and never done anything like this before)
  • ​How to deals 100% virtually without ever meeting the buyer or seller (or knowing anything about buying and fixing up properties)
  • ​How to find HUNGRY cash buyers anywhere in the country to scoop up the deals you find (and get you paid without every risking your own money)
  • ​Training is for BOTH beginning and experienced real estate investors

Module 1: The IRON MIND

Teaching you the MINDSET hacks you need to make success quick and effortless
  • Why raw talent alone is never enough for success (and why your business needs to be “life and death” to you)
  • ​The secret mind and body connection that will remove your lack of discipline and willpower (allowing you to be successful faster and with less effort)
  • ​Why typical “time management” strategies will NEVER work (instead do what the rich do and manage your “decisions”)
  • ​Why you’re thinking way too much and causing everything to slow to a crawl (instead adopt a new mindset of speed and mistakes to propel you forward)
  • ​Why “just in time” is better than “just in case” when attempting to implement any course or system (this will cut your time to action by 75% or more)

Module 2: Nationwide Wholesaling Foundation

So that you have the right set of tools, systems, and processes that will get you your first 2-3 deals and scale to the moon.
  • How to accurately predict how long it will take for you to get your first deal (If you get this wrong you’ll run out of time and money and never get your first deal)
  • ​Why you should NEVER deal with real estate agents when starting out (instead target this ONE TYPE of property owner so that you can easily do your first 2-3 deals)
  • ​How to LEGALLY wholesale real estate in all 49 states without a license (This one simple sentence when speaking with buyers will guarantee you’ll never get into any legal trouble)
  • ​Why building your cash buyers list BEFORE speaking with sellers is a COMPLETE waste of time when you’re starting out (you MUST be focused on doing the complete opposite of this)
  • ​How to have IMMEDIATE CREDIBILITY with property owners even if you have never done a deal before (a simple hack that will take you minutes to get set up but make conversations with sellers go very smooth)
  • ​My complete set of tools and systems that you need to start a nationwide wholesaling real estate business from scratch but can easily scale to the moon (WITHOUT breaking the bank)
  • ​The critical ROI MINDSET that most investors completely get wrong (and how it screws up all of your decision making if you get it wrong and prolongs your path to success)

Module 3: Online Lead Generation To Find Great Deals

This is the PREMIERE course that teaches you how to get up and running with your online ads even if you have never done any online marketing (We have the most success stories out of anyone teaching this)
  • How to set up your Facebook account correctly to AVOID getting shut down or disabled (and minimize your downtime generating leads)
  • ​How to set up and configure your business page, pixel, and everything else you need to launch your campaigns (laid out in meticulous, step by step checklists for you to follow)
  • ​How to create great images that grab a motivated seller’s attention and get them to say “yes” to requesting an offer (the image is the MOST important part of the ad and getting this right is CRITICAL)
  • All of my interests and configuration settings to launch your first lead generation campaign in under an hour (and AVOID the trial and error associated with figuring all of this out… saving lots of time and money)
  • ​How to set up your “warm” retargeting campaigns that follow your prospects around the internet and “nudge” them to say “Yes! I want an offer” (this is one of the most POWERFUL aspects of online advertising that will create amazing results for you)
  • ​How to optimize and tweak your ads so that you can “cut the losers” and “scale the winners” (so that you can take a campaign from “ok” to producing an avalanche of motivated sellers)
  • ​How to quickly take all of your cold calling and SMS lists and upload them so that you can show them ads and build INSTANT credibility (you can also use this data to have the system find “similar” property owners just like the ones that you uploaded… this is a game changer!)
  • ​My proven appeal templates so that in the event that your advertising campaign is disabled, you can get it back in just a few hours (everything is based on automated systems that may accidentally flag your account, my templates will ensure that you can get your account back fast!)
  • ​Everything is clearly explained in “look over my shoulder” videos and step by step checklists (so that you DON’T have to be a tech genius to get up and running)

Module 4: Doing Deals With Sellers 100% Virtually

You’ll immediately start to receive inquiries from motivated property owners looking to their sell property … this module will take you by the hand and show you how to take advantage of these opportunities
  • Why you should NEVER do any research before speaking with a motivated seller (HINT: it’s a complete waste of time and it prevents you from taking action on the most important thing)
  • ​Why “competition” is NOT an issue when you’re marketing for deals online (and the mindset shift required to block this “competition fallacy” from stopping you)
  • ​The SPECIFIC types of properties and home sellers that you want to work with for maximum results (and why you must AVOID everyone else to quickly find the diamonds)
  • ​How to analyze a property and determine your offer WITHOUT ever having seen the property (Hint: you have to treat the house as a “commodity” NOT a home that someone is going to buy)
  • ​The FIVE key pieces of information you need from every home seller to determine if a property is a winner or dud (without ever looking at the house)
  • ​Why the 70% offer rule for determining values is flawed (avoiding this antiquated method will ensure that you can figure out your offer WITHOUT getting bogged down)
  • ​How to use BOTH paid and free online tools to research a property and determine it’s value (and figure out the offer you need to make to the seller)
  • ​My BRACKETING METHOD for quickly figuring out what a cash buyer will pay for your deal (before ever speaking to a single buyer or knowing anything about values in a particular area)
  • ​My “Seller Script Manual” with detailed phone scripts and methods to handle ANY question that a property owner may have for you (and answer them them as if you’ve been doing this business for years not months)
  • ​How to use the LOOPING TECHNIQUE to move the conversation with a property owner forward, remove friction and get to the bottom line price that you need (without being pushy or sounding like a sales person)
  • ​Sample seller calls that you can listen to before you get on your first call (so that you know EXACTLY what to say and how the calls will go)
  • ​My TIME TESTED and easy to fill out Seller Contract that will ensure that you have the right clauses and provisions (including my “out clause” in case you cannot find a buyer for your deal)
  • ​My “digital” and “snail mail” PRSELL PACKAGE to send to the property owner so that they sign your agreement and not shop it around (if you just send a property owner an agreement without a “pre-sell package” you’re going to lose a lot of deals)

Module 5: Selling Your Deals

You can find amazing real estate deals using online lead generation, however if you cannot find a cash buyer then it’s all wasted time and effort… this module will help you get your deals sold and closed!
  • How to get photos of your properties easily even if you’re thousands of miles away (photos are critical to know if you have a winner or a dud)
  • ​The art and science of pricing your deal to ensure that you can get cash buyers hungry to make you an offer (and maximize the amount of money that you can get for the deal)
  • ​My “pigs get fat but hogs get slaughtered” mindset to ensure that you’re selling your deals and creating goodwill with your buyers (this is the difference between feast and famine in the wholesaling real estate game)
  • ​Why building a huge buyer database is a HUGE problem (it’s NOT the volume of buyers but the quality of the buyers that count)
  • ​The CRITICAL questions you must ask cash buyers to know if they are legit or not (saving you time and avoiding buyers that may try and “snake” a deal away from you)
  • ​My 8 PROVEN methods to find cash buyers in any market in the country quickly (you’ll never have to worry about NOT finding a cash buyer for your deals)
  • ​How to properly schedule for your buyers to view your deals and not cause any issues with the property owners or tenants (the right positioning will ensure that you don’t have your deal blow up during this process)
  • ​Everything you need to know BEFORE you assign your deal to a cash buyer to make sure that nothing goes wrong (including deposits, closing dates, and many other finer details that can make a deal go smooth or turn in to a nightmare)
  • ​And much much more

When you sign up today you’ll get the following limited time bonuses

Order Now and Claim Your Special Bonus Gifts…

Bonus #1: Instant Credibility Images

(Value $497)

When a seller or buyer checks out your page, they need to feel comfortable working with you.(These professionally-designed images are the key to building credibility and generating new leads!)

Best of all? You don’t have to pay an expensive designer to make them for you!

Bonus #2: Best Performing Ads

(Value $1,000)

I have taken my BEST performing ads and put them into a ready-to-go collection for you to use. (saving thousands of dollars in testing budget to figure this out)

Simply copy and paste these ads into your lead generation campaign and start getting a flow of the highest-quality leads bringing you the best deals around!

Bonus #3: Million Dollar Images

(Value $1,000)

Images are the single BIGGEST contributor to your success on Facebook

I’ll give you all my best-performing images to use in your ad campaigns (so you don’t have to make them yourself).
These images will save thousands of dollars and countless hours of your time!

Bonus #4: Cash Buyer Magnet Ads

(Value $500)

Finding cash buyers is made easy with this stunning group of highly effective ads.

Copy and paste these special buyer ads, and in a matter of hours, you can start receiving inquiries on properties you’re ready to sell.​ (You’ll always have buyers lined up for your deals!)

Bonus #5: Crush Any Objections Course

(Value $297)

This highly valuable video & audio training covers every possible scenario that you would encounter while dealing with buyers and sellers.

You’ll always know what to say, and will be able to handle any and all conversations throughout the process!