Derek Rake - Shogun Method Black Book Volume 3

Get Derek Rake - Shogun Method Black Book Volume 3. Shogun Method Black Book VOLUME 3 features brand new Shogun Method strategies and advanced Shogun Seque...

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Level Up With The Latest And Greatest Innovations In The Shogun Method® Knowledge Universe

Shogun Method Black Book VOLUME 3 features brand new Shogun Method strategies and advanced Shogun Sequences developed to bring your Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction and Enslavement skills to the next level

  • Module 1: Implanted Memories. A super advanced “mind hacking” technique that makes your target “remember” something that is entirely false (to your advantage)
  • Module 2: Conscious Overload. Get her to be more receptive to your Shogun Method tactics by overloading her conscious mind… so that her susceptible subconscious takes over
  • Module 3: Pattern Interruption. A remarkably effective way to switch a woman from Cold to Hot mode by disrupting her usual behavior and speech patterns
  • Module 4: Sexual Value Gap. Ever wondered why certain techniques work for others, but don’t work for you? Here’s the answer
  • Module 5: Double Bind. A sneaky trick on how to “force” a woman to always make choices that YOU want her to make (without her knowing)

What’s Inside The Program

  • Exploit a weakness in the female mind and make her remember a FALSE MEMORY (to your benefit)
  • Plant a False Memory in your target’s mind about her boyfriend cheating on her (and make her dump him)
  • Get your ex-girlfriend or wife to “remember” positive (false) memories so that she feels compelled to come back to your arms
  • Construct “shared memories” effortlessly even when you’ve got limited access to her (for example, in long-distance relationships)
  • Overload her conscious mind so that her subconscious takes over… which you can then exploit with standard Shogun Method tactics and Shogun Sequences
  • Make her “Zone Out” and leave her vulnerable to your suggestions and manipulation
  • Use three new Shogun Sequences to overload her conscious mind: one of each advanced IRAE stage – Rapport, Attraction and Enslavement
  • Get a woman to switch from “Cold” mode to “Hot” effortlessly using the Pattern Interrupt tactic
  • Use the three-step “Greeting” Interrupt to make a woman fall under trance quickly and easily (easy to do even by the novice)
  • Use the “Conversational Hooks” Interrupt as a quick Rapport building device (tremendously useful as you escalate from Intrigue to Rapport stage)
  • Ever wondered why certain techniques seem to work only on certain women? Here’s the authoritative answer: “Sexual Value Gap” (learn what it is inside Module 4)
  • How to make a woman see you as a high-value male automatically (by manipulating her subconscious perception of you)
  • Why you don’t have to go “balls to the wall” with Shogun Method and still get great results (as long as the Sexual Value Gap is high)
  • Discover the three surefire tactics on how to boost your Sexual Value with immediate effect
  • How to force your target to make choices which are favorable to you – using the “Double Bind” tactic
  • How to combine the Double Bind with Pattern Interrupts as a “one-two” punch to build killer rapport with a woman
  • How to combine the Double Bind with the classic Boyfriend Destroyer to make a woman despise her boyfriend and make her want to be with you instead
  • …and more!