Dr Dave Best (Woynarowski) - Lengthen Your Spine Lengthen Your Life

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Dr Dave Best (Woynarowski) - Lengthen Your Spine Lengthen Your Life

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Dr Dave Best (Woynarowski) - Lengthen Your Spine Lengthen Your Life
Yes, you can feel younger and increase your lifespan without "getting old."

"Lengthen Your Spine - Lengthen Your Life"

6 minutes a day may keep you out of a nursing home and a helpless, powerless state of constant pain!!!

The untold secret to living a long, healthy life without back pain, without sciatica, without bad posture, without Alzheimer's, dementia, memory loss, poor circulation, lousy digestion, crippling arthritis, heart disease and low levels of energy.

It can help you lose weight build muscle and reshape your body faster than you thought possible.

And it doesn't require you to spend all day in the gym. It doesn't require a diet of deprivation. And it doesn't matter what your lineage or genetics. Even if your parents were bowed over like a piece of bent steel - you don't have to follow in their footsteps.

Stop worrying about growing old disgracefully. You don't need to lose height as you age. You don't need to lose control of your bowels and bladder. You don't need to worry about falling and breaking a hip. You don't even need to worry about losing mental prowess - or sexual stamina.

Proper care of your spine with a few simple daily exercises will put spring in your step and help you avoid losing 4 inches in height, walking with a bowed back and looking old. Live longer - lengthen your spine.

From: David M. Woynarowski, MD

Dear Friend,

Three years ago I was living with chronic back pain. After months of searching for a remedy, I simultaneously and unknowingly began an amazing journey that has taken me to a level of health at nearly 50 years of age that is, for most people, unimaginable.

Not only did I wind up with no more back pain, I also wound up looking younger and feeling recharged each and every day. Mental and physical stress went out the window. I got leaner, stronger and more flexible. My mind got sharper - laser-like focus became the norm. And this, my friend, is the SHORT LIST.

I'm betting you're interested in some - if not ALL of the health benefits listed above, aren't you? Well then, let me tell you how it all happened.

Physician, Can You Heal Yourself?

You've probably heard the phrase, "Physician, heal thyself." Well, when it comes to health, that's what I've always done and continue to do.

But let me tell you, when I was crippled with back pain, I had to look at another wise saying amongst doctors, and that is: "The doctor who has himself for a physician has a fool as a counselor."

Let me explain. I have treated hundreds upon hundreds of patients who've suffered with back pain - and I did so, as you might imagine, according to the latest medical standards.

I prescribed Back School, Physical Therapy, powerful, addictive and even dangerous drugs on a routine basis; just like all the other doctors.

In some cases I even sent people for painful injections or worse yet, surgery.

Somehow, despite these methods and procedures being hailed as wonderful, many of these patients did not get better. Naturally I just figured that this was "reality" - until of course, I got back pain myself.

I was blessed with back pain so I could discover what really works

When I was the patient, my thinking changed, and today I look upon those burdensome days as a blessing because they led me to what I now teach - an approach to spinal care that doesn't just rid you of pain. On the contrary, it rids you of pain and helps extend your life. In fact, the benefits permeate everything about your health, including how well your mind functions.

Just so you know, my back pain came as a result of spending countless hours examining patients in all kinds of stressful positions and situations. All the bending, lifting and twisting led to me being strong on one side and weak on the other - and this muscle imbalance nearly put me out of commission, permanently.

When my back pain didn't go away at first, I was down right scared because I realized I had the same chance for relief as my patients: 50/50 at best.

It snuck up on me

Now my back pain didn't just start over night. Like most people, my back pain came on suddenly as a result of years of improper posture and movement of the spine.

As you'll soon see this suffering is needless. Not only is it needless but it is simple to fix.

But I did not know it at the time.

So off I went down the same garden path I had sent so many of my patients. And it wasn't any fun.

First I took over-the-counter pain pills. They worked for a few weeks - but then I started to get an upset stomach from them and became concerned that I was going to have to live on these pills, so this led me to search for another solution.

At night I would lay on a heating pad to try to get relief. I even bought one of those expensive Space-aged mattresses. All to no avail. I couldn't even get a good night's sleep with either the heat or the mattress.

Then I broke out the bigger guns; the prescription pills that my physical therapy doctor friends assured me gave their patients great results.

I have to admit they did help for a while but again I was married to the pill bottle. Not too long after that the FDA yanked both drugs because they caused death by heart attacks.

Where I drew the line

Now all I had left was narcotics, which I refused to take for several reasons. First they are highly addictive and an addicted physician is not a good thing.

Next they affect your thinking and a spaced-out doctor cannot make good judgments.

Finally they have other side effects ranging from inconvenient to horrendous so I knew I had to avoid these drugs like the plague.

Now what was I going to do? Well I did what any self-respecting doctor would do. I asked my friends, who were also doctors, for advice.

They told me they would do exactly the same things I had already done. One even told me I should consider surgery!

At that point my brain shouted "ENOUGH OF THIS" and I realized I had to find my own way out of the pain.

I felt I had no alternative.

I was in my early 40's, yet I was slouched over with terrible posture and the pain grew worse on an every day basis. I couldn't sleep. Almost every move I made caused me to grimace. I had a hard time getting through my day and could do very little outside of work.

No running, no jumping, no playing and perhaps most humiliating of all; no sex! I was living and thinking like an 80-year old man instead of a 40-year old.

Beating the grim reaper

So often when faced with a grim reality we begin to look "outside the box" for an answer and that is just what I did.

I looked at Pilates, Yoga, Tai chi and traditional bodyweight exercises.

They all had something to offer but none of them were specifically designed to eliminate or bring relief to the back pain suffer. Nor did they give a patient (or a doctor) all the other benefits - like that of living a long, healthy life.

So I thought to myself, " What if I take the best exercises out of each system and create a specific program to relieve back pain?"

After all, who has an hour to spend doing poses or on special machine that only certain gyms or studios have. I sure couldn't keep living in pain if I wanted to have time for my practice and the rest of my life.

So I honed all I learned into one simple easy and fast system that contained seven primary exercises to be done each day - and even when you're going slowly, you can be done in about six minutes.

And these seven exercises as well as the short duration of the training session proved to be the right amount and kind of process to relieve the pain I'd been having.

My plan worked like gangbusters

Within a few weeks I had nailed a simple 6-minute routine that virtually guaranteed I would never suffer from back pain again.

But that is not all.

I noticed I stood taller in the mirror. I saw an erect confident healthy looking young man again.

I had spring in my step that told everyone, "I am ready to take on the world!"

Believe me I hadn't had that feeling since I was a teenager.

Even my thinking was clearer, more concise and much faster. After being in the fog of pain and the physical and mental fatigue that goes with it - and who knows what side effects from the drugs it was almost like being reborn.

As I continued the exercises and stretches that would become Lengthen Your Spine - Lengthen Your Life I also noticed a big jump in my physical strength.

The exercises were getting easier and easier almost by the day.

So I created another level of more advanced exercises for my spine, worked through them to the point of mastery, and then I added yet another even more challenging level to give myself the ULTIMATE challenge.

There was only one thing left to do

I had to see if this amazing system I created worked on OTHER people.

Like most doctors I had a ready and willing supply of back pain sufferers in varying states of pain and disability.

So come one come all I tried my system on anyone who was willing and able.

One lady even started flat on her back in bed. That is how bad off she was.

Now I won't lie to you and tell you that I helped every single person eliminate his or her pain. Some people are so far gone that they need surgery - like the little old lady who fractures a vertebrae due to osteoporosis - or some other condition. What I teach won't work for her. But it will work for almost everyone else. I'm talking about a whole boatload of people who will get better and fast. Far higher percentages than what you can expect from the typical medical doctor's drug dispensing.

Big Changes Noted

Just like the results I achieved, the majority of people I worked with didn't just get rid of back pain. Not at all. They also started to look and feel younger as a result of no longer being in pain - and as a result of the energy in their bodies being amplified due to the spine being exercised in the proper way.

Just like me, the people I helped went from a bad, weak, slouching posture to a presence that commanded respect.

Just like me the pinched wrinkled and aching looks on their faces were replaced by relaxed glowing smiles.

Just like me their bodies started to return to a shape that reminded all of us of when we were younger.

Fat melted, muscles got toned. Super-sized bellies, butts, and thighs started to disappear and were replaced by the shapelier younger looking lithe physiques of ten or more years ago.

We turned back the clock

So not only were my patients and I feeling better, we were turning back the clock.

Ironically this discovery is one of the reasons I went into Anti-Aging Medicine as a second career. I had done it myself, done it for others and had proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you really can look and feel younger while you are getting older.

Only 6 minutes a day

And the basic program took an average of 6 minutes to complete. It can literally be done in your bedroom using no special tools of any kind.

The best news is that Lengthen Your Spine - Lengthen Your Life fixes more than back pain as I found out when I began recommending it to my patients.

You Can Get An Enormously Strong Back and be Pain Free in No Time Flat

These pictures demonstrate me, a former chronic back pain sufferer, supporting a 240 lb body builder through an exercise known as "The Hinge".

When I described this exercise to my orthopedic surgeon and physical medicine doctor friends, they said I was crazy to even think of it, yet I can do it repeatedly with no pain whatsoever.

Dr Dave Best (Woynarowski) - Lengthen Your Spine Lengthen Your Life

Dr Dave Woynarowski demonstrating pain-free superior back
strength in an exercise he was told never to do.

(Do Not Try This At Home!!!)

The case of Sylvia

Take for instance the case of Sylvia the 36-year old housewife and mother of four.

Sylvia had developed a chronic nagging low back pain after her 3rd pregnancy. She didn't want drugs and could not invest a lot of time away from her home or her young children to attend Physical Therapy.

She also confided in me she had 2 embarrassing problems that seemed to come along with the pain.

The first was a low sex drive and the second was her inability to hold her water in almost all situations where she lifted or jumped. She found this out when she attended her first and last exercise class.

I explained to her the problem was common in women who had been pregnant multiple times due to a weakening of the spinal erectors, abs and a very specific nerve that controls the areas below the belly button - including the bladder and the sex organs.

Then I showed her the specific exercises in Lengthen Your Spine - Lengthen Your Life that would improve her problems rapidly.

The program worked for her.

Former construction worker, 62, does it

Then there was Gus, the 62-year old former construction worker who became his own boss in his early 40's and ran a successful construction company. Gus came to me for an anti-aging consultation but didn't want "all those damn shots and drugs".

He specifically asked me if there was a program of exercise and or stretches that he could do to make himself fell younger AND get rid of the chronic back pain that he had since his construction worker days.

He used Lengthen Your Spine - Lengthen Your Life and got better, too.

Dr Dave Best (Woynarowski) - Lengthen Your Spine Lengthen Your Life

Woman in mid-50's makes it happen

Soon after Martha, a mid 50's career woman came to me with chronic fatigue and slow but steady weight gain around the abdomen.

After ruling out medical causes I prescribed the exercises in Lengthen Your Spine - Lengthen Your Life that were specific to increasing energy reducing abdominal fat and weight reduction.

She was so intrigued that she wanted to do the rest of the program. After she bought the course she graduated through all 3 levels in less than 3 months. As a result she lost 18 pounds of ugly fat, had phenomenal improvement in her energy and now teaches the program at a local adult day care center.

These are just 3 examples of the great feedback and great results that I have gotten so far.

Here are some other benefits you can expect from using Lengthen Your Spine - Lengthen Your Life:

  • Improved flexibility in the neck, back, shoulders, hips and legs
  • Improved core body strength
  • Fix postural defects and weaknesses
  • Improve overall energy and clarity of thinking
  • Breathe more fully and with greater ease
  • Better control of bowels, bladder and sexual organs
  • Improved sex drive
  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Reduction in overall body fat
  • Tightening and toning of abdominals, buttocks and thighs
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved circulation, no more cold feet and hands
  • Improved immune system - stay healthy even when others around you are sick
  • Relief from joint pain
  • And of course a bulletproof, pain-free back that can do things that most people would not even dream of

Dr Dave Best (Woynarowski) - Lengthen Your Spine Lengthen Your Life

It can all be yours in just 6 minutes a day, no gyms, no fancy esoteric philosophies, no ongoing membership fees, no expensive x-rays or dangerous procedures, no mind numbing energy sapping side effects, no side effects laden prescriptions and no expensive repeat visits to a doctor's office.

Hey look I am a supplement designer by trade. I use my extensive medical experience and patient knowledge to make the world's highest quality and most effective supplements.

I take 30 to 40 of my own supplements every single day.

Lengthen Your Spine Lengthen Your Life works great with those supplements - but it also helps without them.

Lengthen Your Spine - Lengthen Your Life is a fabulous stand alone answer to so many of the problems of aging that it should be a must in schools, hospitals, gyms and extended care facilities across the country.

I recommend you jump up and get your copy of this incredible system TODAY.

Put an end to chronic back pain, sexual dysfunction, endless fatigue, joint pain and mental fogginess. Trim your waist, thighs and buttocks drop pounds and reshape your body in just a few short minutes a day.

The course comes with 3 high-quality DVD's shot in crystal clarity and a beefy manual with individual photo breakdowns of each exercise in detail.

Also included are common mistakes and bonus variations so you cannot do these wrong and you can take yourself to higher and higher levels of fitness and strength as you go on.

Don't Delay! End back pain, poor posture and start growing younger now!

Dave Woynarowski, M.D., CPT
Dr Dave Best (Woynarowski) - Lengthen Your Spine Lengthen Your Life

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