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Joseph Riggio - Designer Swish Patterns 2019

Joseph Riggio - Designer Swish Patterns 2019 digital download.

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Joseph Riggio - Designer Swish Patterns 2019

Type: Digital download

Joseph Riggio - Designer Swish Patterns 2019

Joseph Riggio - Designer Swish Patterns 2019

Experience Profound Transformational Change With Joseph Riggio -

Regular Investment: $647; Simulcast & Recordings Only: $347

Original 2004 Designer Swish Patterns Video Highlights …
These videos will lay out the foundation structure and principles of NLP in a way you’ve never heard them presented before, and then take you much further, all the way into the unique Designer Swish Patterns model developed by Joseph … E.g:

  • Clip #1: Introduction to NLP Representational “Sensory” Systems
  • Clip #2: NLP: Articulated Thought & Sequenced Language
  • Clip #3: Using NLP to Model & Articulate Exquisite Skill
  • Clip #4: Building Connection & NLP Fundamental Calibration
  • Clip #5: Making Shit Up & Ordering NLP Neurological Levels
  • Clip #6: Using NLP Consciously & Becoming A Tool Of Consciousness

That’s just the first video from the first hour of the first day … and you’ll be getting a full eight source videos worth of clips from the 2004 Original Designer Swish Patterns training in this offer as well.

You’ll get highlights from the full two days of the original program, equaling hours of bonus video - these bonus videos are worth the entire investment for Designer Swish Patterns 2019!

LIVE PROGRAM, 6 April 2019:
Access to the live program or live simulcast on 6 April 2019, and to all program files once they are posted after Joseph runs the Designer Swish Patterns 2019 live program on 6 April 2019:

  • Live Program - 6 April 2019 - Your Choice:
    • Live Program Attendance in Lambertville, NJ
    • Live Internet Livestreaming Simulcast Access
    • Live Program Recordings After The Live Event
  • After 6 April 2019:
    • Video Files
    • Audio Files
    • Transcriptions