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Julie Renee - No More Ghosts

Julie Renee - No More Ghosts digital download. Info: [4 MP4s] | 810.95 MB. Although we bundle them all into one category ‘spiritual parasites” they have ...

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Julie Renee - No More Ghosts

Type: Digital download

Format: [4 MP4s]

File size: 810.95 MB



This introductory course gives you all the basics of clearing spiritual parasites like entitles and spirits from your body.  Free yourself from spiritual parasites, intrusive thoughts, and enter the pleasure field with this powerful quick start program for getting you back to you and able to feel calm relax and in charge once more.

managing anxiety ~ managing stress ~ stress busters ~ How to remove entities ~ Julie Renee

Have you been troubled by unexplainable energies that are making life challenging?
In this amazing one of a kind program you will learn what the troublesome energies are and how to use the powerful quantum tools to remove and be finally clear of spiritual parasites that trouble you.

You may wonder, what is a spiritual parasite?

These are the critters that hang out in your body and aura and make your life uncomfortable.

They cause migraine, restless leg and heart palpitations as well as stabbing pain, and an inability to heal.

Although we bundle them all into one category ‘spiritual parasites” they have different strengths and weaknesses and are removed differently.

Names they are known by:

  • Entities
  • Evil Spirits
  • Ghosts
  • Demons
  • Trans-mortals (and their wormholes)
  • Aliens (8 Varieties)
  • Implants

Each variety of spiritual parasite is removed or cleared with unique hand movements techniques.

You will learn to:

  • Remove spiritual parasites
  • How to manage unusual feelings
  • Thoughts that don’t match your own
  • Maintaining balance and joy while clearing out and cleaning up
  • Entering the quantum pleasure field