Justin Seeley - Creating and Managing a Blog Network with WordPress

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Justin Seeley - Creating and Managing a Blog Network with WordPress digital download. Info: [50 Webrips (MOV)]. Author Justin Seeley presents the WordPr...
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Justin Seeley - Creating and Managing a Blog Network with WordPress

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Format: [50 Webrips (MOV)]

Creating and Managing a Blog Network with WordPress

By: Justin Seeley

Duration: 3h 25m

Released: Dec 15,2011


Author Justin Seeley presents the WordPress Multisite feature, which allows web site designers and administrators to create a network of sites and blogs from a single installation of WordPress. The course covers installing the network components, configuring their web server/hosting environment, using the Multisite Network Administration panel, managing users, and backing up, migrating, and restoring a multisite installation.


1. Getting to Know Multisite

Introducing multisite 02m 40s
Common use cases for multisite 06m 24s
Understanding multisite server requirements 01m 40s
Optimizing your hosting environment 03m 52s
Using subdomains vs. subdirectories 01m 54s

2. Configuring Your Multisite Network

Enabling the Network feature 02m 26s
Installing your network 07m 13s
Troubleshooting network configurations 04m 04s
Disabling your network installation 02m 44s
Changing your install type 03m 23s
Removing the blog permalink 02m 44s

3. Network Administration

Getting to know the network admin interface 02m 40s
Configuring the network 06m 02s
Creating your first site 05m 25s
Managing your user database 08m 14s
Installing and enabling themes 07m 16s
Enabling themes on a per-site basis 03m 56s
Defining a site-wide default theme 03m 12s
Installing and activating plug-ins 06m 16s
Updating your network installation 03m 26s

4. Controlling User Access

Setting up user permissions 03m 31s
Defining the registration process 03m 08s
Controlling access to sites 02m 43s
Importing users from another blog 03m 52s
Understanding user roles 03m 39s
Changing user roles on signup 02m 58s
Exploring blog privacy settings 06m 01s
Enabling features for site administrators 03m 23s

5. Working with Network-Wide Content

Displaying posts from network sites on the home page 07m 45s
Displaying a list of your networked sites 04m 09s
Broadcasting news across all sites 08m 22s
Gathering and using comments network-wide 05m 13s
Creating and using global tags and categories 04m 33s
Exploring network plug-ins 08m 20s

6. Working with Multiple Domains

Introducing domain mapping 01m 58s
Using parked or add-on domains 03m 24s
Altering DNS records 02m 15s
Installing the domain mapping plug-in 03m 18s
Mapping a domain to a specific site 02m 58s
Hiding the original domain name 03m 25s

7. Backing Up Your Multisite Installation

Understanding the importance of backing up your web site 02m 04s
Exploring backup plug-ins 02m 23s
Installing and configuring BackupBuddy 08m 29s
Migrating a standalone site into your network 03m 24s
Migrating an entire network 07m 41s
Scheduling backups with BackupBuddy 03m 43s
Remotely storing your backups 05m 44s