Lynn McGonagill - Cellular Healing

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Lynn McGonagill - Cellular Healing digital download. Info: [37 MP3s] | 346.45 MB. Receiving this Higher Level Energy Transmission, allowing your consciou...
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Lynn McGonagill - Cellular Healing

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Lynn McGonagill - Cellular Healing

In this class on Cellular, Molecular, and Atomic Healing, we work with transforming our lives at the deepest, most powerful levels. Our beliefs create our reality - you already know that. Now the question is how to effectively change those beliefs. Where are those beliefs stored, and how can we get to them quickly and effectively, so we can transform our lives? This Higher Level Class leads you through the process on multiple levels.

Receiving this Higher Level Energy Transmission, allowing your conscious mind to take in the concepts, and following along with the practice exercises will support you in quickly and powerfully blasting through your belief barriers so you can BE who your soul came here to be, and LIVE the life you came here to live!

For best results, we recommend you absorb the Core Curriculum Energy Transmissions and read The Lightworkers Healing Method: BE Who Your Soul Wants You To Be before listening to these Higher Level Classes.

Audio Tracks:

Track 01: General Introduction
Track 02: Start of the Day
Track 03: Opening Process
Track 04: Beliefs Stored in Empty Spaces
Track 05: Beliefs are 95% absorbed
Track 06: Relate to Beliefs as if it is Toothpaste
Track 07: Beliefs That Are Not Serving Us
Track 08: Replace with Love Joy Living Waters Divine Flow
Track 09: When we are ready
Track 10: Why We Do Not Label Beliefs
Track 11: Squeezing the Body Tissue
Track 12: Squeezing the Cellular Level
Track 13: Squeezing the DNA Strands
Track 14: Transmission
Track 15: Thank You For Receiving the Transmission
Track 16: Experiential Self Treatment
Track 17: Experiential Guided Treatment
Track 18: Experiential Guided Final Cleansing Pass
Track 19: Experiential Beliefs and Habits Overlap
Track 20: Sample of Habit
Track 21: What Ever It Takes
Track 22: Level of Beliefs
Track 23: The Beliefs that Power the Habit
Track 24: All The Rooms Are Filled With Smoke
Track 25: Metabolic Beliefs - Cleansing Molecules
Track 26: Experiential Molecular Level
Track 27: Experiential Atomic level
Track 28: Intergenerational Level Cleansing
Track 29: Intro Reverse Process - Source in Every Direction
Track 30: Experiential Expanding Larger and Larger
Track 31: Experiential Expanding Larger and Larger
Track 32: Opening Process and Introduction into Demonstration
Track 33: Demonstration - Personal
Track 34: Demonstration - Personal
Track 35: Comments after Practice
Track 36: Poem Hafiz
Track 37: Closing Process and Giving Thanks
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