Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021

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Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021 digital download.
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Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021

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Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021

Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021


You’ve tried to sign clients with free sessions & personal outreach but you just end up talking to dozens of people what end up ghosting you, have a million & one excuses or are far from a dream client.

You don’t even want to admit how many clients you’ve had drop out of their program, stop being able to pay payments or even ask for a refund [even though you did nothing wrong as the coach].

You have people reaching out to work with you and even getting on the phone to chat about your program but it seems that none of them have the money to pay you.

You have a long list of people you are always following up with and even though they all say they will be ready “in a month” it feels like they never are.

You dream of having sales calls with absolute soulmate clients, who have no money objections & pay your five figure fee in full right after the call.

But you can’t help but wonder if that’s even possible considering how things are currently going…

I feel you.

I was exactly in your shoes.I remember taking on 15 free sessions within one week. While I dreaded how my calendar looked I was so excited knowing that I HAD to sign at least one client…

But of course, just like every other time, every single person had money objection after money objection. I actually ended up signing a handful of clients by offering a low $100-$200 deposit option and hitting my first $20,000 sales month.

You won’t believe what happened next…

Every single one of those clients dropped.

My $20k sales month I was so excited about was down the drain and I had a ton of awkward conversations to be had with these “clients” who were backing out, wanting their money back or just completely ghosting.

Here’s the deal…

Sales Are not supposed to be this way.

If you’re like me and the pushy sales tactics (sales calls disguised as free strategy sessions, offering deposits, taking credit cards over the phone, going around in circles around objections) feel so off to you… that’s OK! You don’t have to use them.

Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021

As soon as i stopped using pushy strategies and created my own transparent sales method, here’s what happened:

  • I started booking calls with potential clients who would say things like, “I’m ready to get started today, I only booked the call because I thought I had too”
  • I actually booked MULTIPLE $20k in full clients straight through messenger without even doing a sales call
  • I completely stopped having calls with people who didn’t have the money or who weren’t ready yet and saved sooo much time in my schedule
  • I stopped having clients who wanted refunds, couldn’t continue payments or wanted to stop their program midway through


Understand exactly how it’s possible to find potential clients who have no money objections & are ready to get started today (even though that’s not the case now)

See exactly what needs to change within you and in your actions to attract these kinds of leads

Shift your mindset around the standard of client you’re looking for and why the expectation for clients who want to work with, regardless of the price, are what you truly do deserve

Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021

MODULE 2: attracting “READY TO BUY” CLients

Understand the difference between content that attracts people in victim mode versus content that attracts people who are stoked to work with you (and finally understand exactly what you need to be saying in your content to book clients with ease)

I’m giving you my favorite 20 content prompts so you never struggle to know what to say to fill your programs again

Swipe Copy: See the exact posts + emails that have booked calls with absolute perfect fit clients who want to get started right away in my own business

See exactly how to write an effective pitch that actually gets people to take action now

Learn why signing clients/booking calls/attracting leads requires more than just posting sales posts and what the gaps in your strategy really are

Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021

MODULE 3: no more money objections

Snag my exact pre-qualifying process that allows me to never waste time on calls with people who are not ready to get started working with you now

Swipe Copy: Snag my exact responses to people who reach out that are not great fits for my offer (those who are ready, those who don’t have money, those who want to work together later)

Learn my signature method I use every time when money objections do come up to help my client make a solid decision versus convince them they should buy my offer (which means no more regretful customers. EVER.)

Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021

MODULE 4: Closing The Sale Nearly every time

Snag my sales call “script” that allows you to have a sales call where they walk themselves into wanting the sale and

Finally have a simple, non-pushy strategy to close your calls without needing to follow up more than once with your potential clients while massively increasing your conversion rate

Swipe Copy: Snag my newest sales strategy - a simple email I send after sales calls that really closes the deal for my people and allows them to feel confident in their decision (and therefor become great clients!)

Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021

MODULE 5: upgrade your money mindset

Release all shame & insecurity around charging high end rates for your coaching - regardless of what you charge, see why your work is worth a multiple five figure fee

Step into a mindset where you see exactly why pay in full clients are not only no big deal but something you can expect in your business

I’ll share my mindset around getting paid multi five figures in full that has over 80% of my clients paying my $20k rate in full

See my exact journaling routine I use when working to book out my coaching practice (which I’ve done many times within 3-6 weeks and you can too!)

Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021

MODULE 6: ditch sales calls all together

I’ll completely shift your mindset on sales calls so you stop believing you have to do them

Understand the most important changes in your marketing so people don’t expect you to get on a sales call and are not thrown off when you don’t

Exact screenshots of my conversations with multiple leads in the DMs that led them to signing up for my $20k and $30k programs

Taylor Lee - Transparent Sales Course 2021


  • Instant access to 6 in-depth and step-by-step modules
  • Workbooks and copies of my notes to accompany each module
  • Multiple files of swipe copies including - posts and emails to sign clients, responses to various situations, my post sales call email, etc.
  • Access to our Facebook group where you can discuss your takeaways, share your wins and mastermind with your peers (you will be in a group with others in all industries and at various income levels)
  • Access to the course content forever, including updates and new content to be added in the future
  • BONUS: 3 Part Series “Sign High Ticket Clients In Your DM’s” so you can ditch sales calls all together

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